Power Supply For Two Way Radios

Wireless Power Supplies
BM315 - 12.0V - 30.0A Power supply


BM315 Series of Power Supplies are the mains operated power supplies used for powering wireless sets of both UHF & VHF. They are the dual output Power supplies. They supply power to wireless set and at the same time charges the battery. These are designed with high frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost effective, compact in size and light in weight.


Input Voltage
170V AC - 270V AC
Input Current
2.8A rms
Input Frequency
47HZ - 63HZ
Output Load Regulation
13.10V - 13.90VDC
Output Voltages Nom
Output Voltages Adj
11.0V - 14.0V
Output Current on radio terminal
30.0 A
Output current on battery terminal when radio not in transmit mode
10.0 A

Salient Features

  • 01) Wider input range, reduced size and weight.
  • 02) Detachable AC Power chord with 3pin IEC 320 inlet socket.
  • 03) Current mode MOSFET based design, higher efficiency, low heat dissipation.
  • 04) Separate battery terminals with charge current limit to enhance battery life.
  • 05) Proven field reliability for more than 14 years.
  • 06) Protected against Short Circuit, Over load and Output over voltage.